Accountancy services

Why should you choose outsourced accountancy services?

  • outsourced accountancy services will cost you less money than a hired bookkeeper;
  • you will be released from payment of social and income taxes, as well as you will regain the overpaid VAT;
  • you will not have to worry about the purchase and maintenance of accountancy programs;
  • managing director is responsible for the mistakes of his employees, while we are responsible for our mistakes;
  • you will save up time on meetings with public authorities.

Our clients:

  • limited liability companies;
  • self-employed persons;
  • sole traders;
  • farms.

The service includes:

  • registration of fixed assets;
  • record keeping of incomes and costs;
  • accounting of debtors and creditors;
  • bookkeeping of bank accounts;
  • record keeping of cash operations;
  • calculations of salaries and taxes;
  • operative balance;
  • invoices, orders, management of debts, reports of Central Statistic Bureau and documentation of company in different languages.

Advantages when choosing our services:

  • you will not have to worry about the delivery of documents – distance between us will not be an obstacle;
  • you will get consultations in accountancy concerning your commercial activity;
  • free usage of our client’s electronic system.